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in AKZENT Hotel Oberhausen

Your physical well-being is assured. Our cosy restaurant is offering you an interesting selection of traditional home cooking. The kitchen is open from 6 PM to 9 PM every day, except on Sundays and holidays.

Please bear in mind that the kitchen is closed for three weeks both in the summer and the winter time. For the exact vacation times, please contact:
Tel.: +49 (0)208-8575-0 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Of course, hotel operations continue even when the kitchen is on vacation.

Restaurant in AKZENT Hotel OberhausenRestaurant in AKZENT Hotel OberhausenRestaurant in AKZENT Hotel OberhausenRestaurant in AKZENT Hotel Oberhausen


1       Beef soup                                          4,00

2       French onion soup                        4,50

3       Tomato pepper creme soup         4,50


4       a plate of ham                                8,50


5       Famerbreakfast                            7,50

            roastpotatoes with eggs & bacon


6       mixed salad plate with egg          7,00


7       port. Real salmon & Toast          8,50


8       Toast "Hawaii"                            5,90

         ham & pineapple &

           gratinated with cheese


9       Gentlemanntoast                          7,80

         battered boneless pork chop &

           rosted onions & a fried egg


10     Toast " California "                     8,20

         battered boneless pork chop &

           Williams-Christ-pears &

           gratinated with cheese


11     mixed salad                                 12,50

         with chicken or tuna or salmon                               

12    battered bonless pork chop          9,50

        "Wiener Art"

            french fried potatoes and buttered peas

13     Jägerschnitzel                             11,50

battered boneless pork chop, creamed

mushrooms, salad & french fries potatoes


14     "Haus Hagemannteller"           11,50

         battered boneless pork chop, surrounded

           with salad & french fries potatoes &

           topped with a fried egg


15     Ratsherrenteller                         12,00

3 pieces of pork loin, buttered peas,

roastpotatoes, topped with a fried egg


16     Grillteller                                    12,00

         battered boneless pork chop, french

           fried potatoes, rice, salad, garlicsauce

            und Knoblauchquark


17     Bonmannteller                            12,00

         3 pieces of pork loin with peppersauce,

           croquettes and red cabbage


18     Plaice "Finkenwerder Art"      12,00

            with roastpotatoes, salad, bacon

19     Spaghetti Bolognese                     9,90 

         with homemade Bolognesesauce


         Breast of chicken,                         9,90

           Garlic/redwinesauce and Rice

21     Pfeffersteak "Franz. Art"         22,50

            French peppersteak, roastpotatoes

           and salad


22     Chili con Carne                            9,90

            ground beef with Corn,

Kidney beans and tortilla chips


23     Rheinischer Sauerbraten            9,90 

            Renish sauerbraten, croquettes

            and red cabbage


24     Himmel und Erde                         9,90

           Apple with mashed potatoes,

           blackpudding and onions


25     Big beans, roastpotatoes              9,90

           and pork belly


26     Ice with fruits                               3,00


27     Ice with warm cherris                  4,00